New Wash Original


Wake up to New Wash (Rich). Moisture and weight work with your texture instead of against it. Rich has a new look! Hello, 8-oz pouch. It’s resealable, it hangs, and it’s made of 63% less plastic than the bottle (no more carton)!

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Testimonial From Jennifer, New Wash User

“Less is more. Using New Wash was part of this experience of putting things into my body that feed it in a healthy way instead of stripping it. I go into my shower and there’s just one bottle. Even after the first time I used it, it just felt like there was more of it, that I had more hair. It feels like you’re feeding your hair.”

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Questions About New Wash?

Yes! New Wash has a natural fragrance with notes of rose, ylang-ylang, clove, and other essential oils. It does not contain synthetic fragrances, which can irritate sensitive scalps.

New Wash benefits hair immediately, but all hair types are different so some scalps need to adjust and may experience oil or flakes. This transition period is natural and more commonly experienced by oily or fine-haired users.

New Wash can help! A flaky scalp is often caused by irritating detergents found in shampoo. None of our New Wash formulas contain these irritants. In fact, they will help to calm inflamed, suffering scalps.

Wash as frequently or infrequently as you see fit! New Wash is gentle enough to be used daily, even on colored hair, but many users have found they can go much longer between washes.

New Wash is a family of all-in-one cleansers that clean, condition, detangle, and repair (that’s right, no conditioner needed!). Formulated with a combination of natural essential oils and gentle saturated cleansers – including Sunflower Seed, Jojoba Seed, and Evening Primrose Oils – New Wash does the job safely and gently so that color stays longer, curls take shape, scalps stay calm, and fighting frizz is finished. Finally, free yourself from damage by shampoo and expect the hair of your dreams: Shiny, smooth, soft, and healthy. What more can we ask for? One more thing: New Wash is biodegradable so you can feel better about what goes down the drain. Read More…

When you use New Wash, you can say goodbye to all those conditioners, masques, treatments and oils cluttering your bathroom – for good. Think of it this way: If your cleanser doesn’t cause unhealthy conditions in the first place like detergent does, and since New Wash moisturizes and detangles while it cleanses, most people don’t need conditioner.

But, for those with extremely dry or damaged hair, our most conditioning formula is New Wash (Rich). And if you want even more moisture out of the shower, Hair Balm just might be your dream cream. 

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